COVID-19 spreads from human-to-human. W.H.O confirms that this virus does not spread through air, but through droplets. When a COVID-19 patient sneezes or coughs the big size droplets fall on the ground in 2 minutes. But the smallest particles of water droplets remain suspended in the air for 20 minutes in a closed room. If a person dwells in that premises without a proper mask, the micro-droplets enter the person’s respiratory system and infects them. This virus is robust and unlike other viruses that need a live host to survive, it can survive 1 day on cardboard, 2 days on paper, 3 days, 4 days on glass and paper, 3 to 7 days on plastic and stainless steel. Therefore, one should be careful about touching the surfaces in public places. Frequent sanitation of these surfaces with Sodium Hypochlorite is highly recommended.

COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus spreads through microdroplets. This is not a flu virus. So, taking anti-flu vaccines does not work. The symptoms like fever can be reduced, but they do not kill the virus. Understanding this virus helps in taking preventive measures to stop its spread. Type: Valved Sanisfy mask designed to help protect wearer from inhale of microscopic particles.

The W.H.O cautions against wearing normal cloth masks. It recommends usage of N95/99 or FFP2/FFP3 category masks as they have good filtration against the virus. W.H.O also recommends washing hands with soap as the Sodium Hydroxide disrupts the fat layer in the virus and kills it. Additional safety measures such as wearing proper safety goggles and gloves in the public places is strongly advised. Public authorities must make the fumigation, sanitation and wearing of masks mandatory and impose heavy fines on non-compliance. A methodical sanitized public transport and areas and controlled human movements will help the country in gaining control over this pandemic.


COVID-19 alias Nova-Coronavirus is an alphavirus enveloped with a genome of a single strand of positive-sense RNA. COVID-19 has 4 distinct constituents: The key RNA which is highly charged, the N-M-E protein matrix i.e. Nucleocapsid-Membrane-Envelope, the Spike Glycoprotein and HE – Hemagglutinin-esterase Dimer. Whereas the single-strand RNA is the virion, the N-M-E proteins give the structural stability and protection to the virus. The S and HE are functional ones for invading the host cells, receptor binding and endocytosis. 


Any protective regime against COVID-19 must integrate elements that must not only filter, repel but also cause dissociation of lipid bilayers and disruption of intermolecular interactions between Membrane protein and S protein through ion-abnegation and creation of hydrophobic spike to puncture the polar-head region of lipid molecule.