1. Predominantly, there are two types of Antimicrobial Biocides that are used in the manufacturing of Antimicrobial coatings and products.
    a). Inorganic: Silver Ions, Copper/Zinc or Metallic ions: This is banned by the EPA as they have a negative impact on human health and the environment. They leach into the atmosphere in the ionic form and if the metals are used in any other form they lose their efficacy and functional flexibility.
    b). Organic: These are agents such as Triclosan or Alcohol based agents that are either banned or transient in their efficacy or applications. Others such as Ammonium compounds, Chlorine, or Peroxide have a very narrow bandwidth of applications on consumer products.

Sanisfy is the brand that leverages the most unique technology that is

– not inorganic and does not leach metallic ions

– not based on triclosan or corrosive compounds

– not leach into the atmosphere or migrate on to the humans

– very versatile and broad-spectrum in its applications

– ability to withstand high temperature and processing thresholds

– safe and non-toxic

– affordable and long-lasting

– highly scalable


No other biocide has such unique features put together and therefore Sanisfy stands to become the Global leader in Infection control consumer products.