Lesure Industries is a pioneer in antimicrobial products and solutions. Its forte lies in Research & Developmental leadership and Product development.

Sanisfy products not only kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses but also the coating or integration into the products is very strong that it makes the products permanently antimicrobial and these products self-sanitize and provide reliable protection against pandemics.

Prior to the COVID -19 pandemic there has been a growing concern globally about Hospital Acquired Infections and the menace of Drug-Resistant pathogens such as MRSA/ORSA/VRSA.

Sanisfy products kill all types of disease-causing-pathogens.

Sanisfy Antimicrobial Infection Control Consumer products carry a robust antimicrobial coating that lasts as long as the surface of the product lasts.

Following is the product line of Sanisfy, which is growing.

– Antimicrobial Plastic Stickers that constantly kills virus/germs: Wrap them around door handles or railings or anywhere you touch. They keep killing the germs and keep you safe. – one of its kind in the market.

– Antimicrobial Disinfectant spray that is effective for 30 days: Lab-tested proved disinfectant spray that keeps the surface disinfected and constantly killing the germs up to 30 days – one of its kind in the market.

– Antimicrobial All food wash lotion: One solution for all types of foods – kills the gems. Just adding a cup of this to wash the chicken, meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruit kills all harmful pathogens.

– Antimicrobial Air Disinfectant pouches: These come in handy tiny mono cartons that can be used in a lift or a car or office cabin and they have the ability to keep the air disinfected.

– Antimicrobial Elevator/Lift buttons: These are round transparent germ-killing stickers that can be pasted on to lift buttons, protecting the lift users from all types of germs and infections.

– Antimicrobial Door handle sleeves: These are special stretch sleeves that can be put on the door handles offering instant and constant germ-killing protection.: Wash and use up to 30 times.

– Antimicrobial Handle covers: These are stretch velcro covers that can be fit onto luggage handles, shopping carts, airport trolley handles, 2-wheeler handles, car steerings and anywhere human hands find a risky handle that has the potential to harbor disease-causing germs. : Wash and reuse up to 30 times.

– Antimicrobial Pillowcases: These protect skin from acne, and infections as teenagers and those with sensitive skin are more prone to bacterial or fungal attacks. : wash and use up to 52 times.

– Antimicrobial Handkerchiefs: These are easy to use protective tools that come handly while touching any risky surface. : Wash and use up to 30 times.

– Antimicrobial Gloves: These are sophisticated comfortable stretch gloves that can be used regularly while traveling. Wash and use up to 30 times.
– Antimicrobial Masks – Rewashable Reusable: These are high filtration masks that can be rewashed and reused up to 30 times.

– Antimicrobial Plastic Masterbatch (the one and only organic that clears the EPA and FDA norms)

– Antimicrobial Antismog solution

Product Variants

Beige soft natural
black with gold
black with silver
grey with grey
Sticker Tapes