SANISFY’S active ingredient used in the Antimicrobial Lift/Elevator Buton stickers provides an antimicrobial germ-free surface to touch. The safe but robust an long-lasting biocide constantly kills all types of germs such as Human Coronavirus, and Drug-resistant bacteria. These stickers are very powerful tools in preventive healthcare.

The stickers and covers should be replaced every 90 days with normal home traffic. Heavy traffic such as apartments, hotels, malls, offices requires more frequent changes.

The tape is effective for about 1,500 grips, touches or holds. When it’s time to replace, just peel of, clean off any adhesive residue, and stick on a new one.

SANISFY stickers and covers are an effective tool to continuously sanitize contaminated surface that attack germs and viruses.

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we look at our environment. The “New Normal” is a lifestyle in which we have to plan today for our world long after COVID-19 is gone. SANISFY has been specially formulated to help you adapt to that place.

Employers, property managers and others have a competitive advantage when they display to their customers, employees, vendors and others that they are thinking about their health and well-being. We call it Workplace2.0—a work environment in which reasonable, cost-effective measures are deployed.

Sanisfy Antimicrobial Lift/Elevator Button Stickers are part of this new lifestyle.