This spray is unique. It works on porous and non-porous surfaces by creating a defensive disinfecting shield.

It is the only disinfectant in India that keeps killing positive-strand RNA viruses, bacteria, and fungus for 30 days with just one application.

It disinfects the surface by killing dangerous Multiple-Drug resistant pathogens such as MRSA, ORSA, and VRSA that cause severe illness.

The spray creates an almost-permanent invisible layer on surfaces that constantly kills 99.99% of the germs. 

It is based on the world-renowned Rambo Guard technology and is aldehyde free, safe, and is quick drying


Wipe the surface with tissue paper or cloth.
Hold on the spray bottle 6 inches away.
Spray until the surface area is covered with a mist.
Wait for 30 seconds for the germs to die.
For creating a long lasting protective layer, wait until the surface dries.

Keep away from children.
Do not spray in eyes or nose or mouth.
Rinse hands after usage.
Keep away from sunlight and heat.
Do not puncture the bottle or reuse the bottle.
Avoid spraying on power sockets/connectors or chip boards.
Do not over spray on phones or keyboards.
This is NOT a Sanitiser.
In case of accidental spray into the eyes, thoroughly rinse the eyes with water.